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5月24日RBC -CPAC新移民免费讲座 幸运抽奖

工薪一族如何理财?你在加拿大对“信用”知多少?有房贷相关的问题吗?如何在RBC皇家银行开户免费获得Ipad Mini?

• 善用银行理财建议,助您达到理想目标
• 每一位新移民都不得不知道的信用问题—Credit
• 其他任何与金融、理财、报税、房贷、信用相关的问题



日期: 5 月24 日(周六)
时间: 下午2:00到4:00 pm
地点: CPAC办公室(4150 Finch Ave East, Toronto ON M1S 3T9, Finch & Midland)
详情请咨询或订座:416-298-7855 转101 或

Free RBC-CPAC Newcomer Seminar on May 24 with Lucky Draw

On Saturday, May 24th, 2014, RBC Royal Bank investor advisors, account managers and mortgage specialists will be on-site to discuss the following topics:
• How everyday banking advice can help you reach your goals
• What every newcomer to Canada should know about credit
• Any other questions related to finance, investment, mortgage, tax and credit

Moving to a new country and setting new roots can be a daunting experience. As Canada’s largest bank, RBC has been helping new immigrants settle successfully into Canada for over seven generations. CPAC is happy to partner with RBC to hold an advice seminar to address your needs as newcomers, and help with you settle into Toronto easier.

You will not only get great advice you will also find out to qualify to get a free iPad mini, when you open an all-inclusive banking account!

During the seminar, a luck draw will be held for five coin sets.
CPAC members and non-members are welcome. Families with kids are also welcome. Free parking and free refreshment. First come, first serve. Please register at:

Events Details:

Date: May 24, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Place: CPAC Office (4150 Finch Ave East, Toronto ON M1S 3T9)

Inquiries or RSVP: 416-298-7855 ext. 101 or

Online Registration at: