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Price: Small-$21.99, Middle-$39.99, Big-$59.99
Delivery: Mississauga $3.00, GTA $8.00

A dramatic Ever-Preserving Process of flower was invented in Europe. With characteristics like fresh plant, preserved flowers and foliage could be kept their fresh and beauty appearance even for years. These flowers became a fashion soon and were quickly expended into the market of  Europe and Japan, now their market still is growing in world.
Ever-Preserved flower appears like fresh-cut flower, it has both the color and touch feeling of real fresh flower but free from watering timely and keep gorgeous blooming from spring to winter ever and ever. Their soft delicate appearance and evocative beauty make them hard to differentiate from real fresh flower, and unlike dried or silk flower. Preserved flowers hold the soft texture of real flower, making them easy for flower arranging.
From romantic rose to glamorous gardenia, from elegant pearl white color to stylish pink, we can offer broad kinds of Ever-Preserved flower arrangements and floral material  to serve your personal enjoyment and family request.
* Please avoid wet environment and long time direct sun shine.

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