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第七届CPAC“教育日”活动将于2014年10月25日在Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel (600 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill ON L4B1B2) 举行。 本届活动仍然保留前几届活动多样化方式,帮助参与者“一站式”搜罗所有教育相关资讯。活动当天既有近40家教育机构设立展位,与学生和家长面对面的交流,又有一场来自哈佛学子的主题演讲及八场不同教育相关主题的热门讲座,还有由各专上学生联合会主持的全天候Drop-in学生论坛。针对日益增长的成人教育需求,本届“教育日”还特意安排了一些成人再教育课程资讯及讲座,帮助想转行或进一步学习深造的移民朋友做出适合自己的教育选择。


Drop-in Student Forum
Enlight, Young Professionals Division of CPAC

Are you a high school graduate or soon to be a graduating student? If you are, we understand that there will be many questions you want to ask, but sometimes don’t know where to start. Perhaps the greatest confusion comes from the uncertainty of the future educations, and of our lives during a time of transition. Some of concerns might rise in your mind: which school should I choose? What kind of program should I pick? Where can I get help for course related matters? What kind of school activities should I join? And how should I balance work and study?

If you are among one of the many students with those questions, then the Student Forum hosted by Enlight —- Young Professionals Division of CPAC at this year’s CPAC Education day is absolutely right for you.

This year we have the honor to be joined by representatives from prestigious universities and colleges across Ontario, including University of Toronto, York University, Western University, Seneca College and Centennial College. Together, we aim to tackle the difficult question of “what makes a post-secondary experience great, and suitable for me?” Through our interactive forum with the representatives, they will provide you more information regarding each institution.

Whether you are making a choice of school soon, preparing for the future, or simply curious, you definitely cannot miss this great opportunity.



2014 CPAC教育日活动安排如下:
日 期: 2014年10月25日 星期六
时 间: 上午10时到下午4时
地 点: Sheraton Parkway Toronto North
600 HWY-7 E Richmond Hill, Ontario
查询:[email protected]; 416-298-7885分机101